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Vaccine Database (NYSIIS)

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NYSIIS is New York State’s Immunization Information System. When a person is vaccinated in New York State, this information is submitted by the administrator of the immunization to this database. If a person loses their vaccination card, they may call the Ulster County Service Center to for a new record. While neither the UCSC nor the DOH can provide replacement vaccination cards, Ulster County DOH can print out the immunization record from NYSIIS and provide/mail the record to the person requesting proof of vaccination. Please note: 

  • Anyone over the age of 18 must make the request on their own behalf. 
  • The parent or legal guardian of a child aged 17 and under, or a health care proxy, may request records on behalf of the minor, or patient.

Ulster County DOH will need the following information (and it must match what is in the NYSIIS record)

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address and phone number

Please note:  Only immunizations administered in New York State will appear on the NYSIIS report, unless the individual's records were transferred to a health care provider or provided by the individual.  NYSIIS cannot look up or verify immunization records from another state.

Immunizations may be picked up from the Department of Health or mailed to the individual.

Please note:  Ulster County can only correct the records of individuals who received a vaccination by Ulster County DOH (Vaccine PODs, immunization clinics)  If there is incorrect information, the individual must call the location that administered the vaccine recorded incorrectly to rectify the error.

The direct line for the NYSIIS Help Desk:  (866) 389-0371

Those having issues with Excelsior Pass can reach out to the Excelsior Help Desk at 844-699-7277 from 7a to 10p Monday-Friday.

For more information about this and other County programs, contact the Ulster County Service Center (845) 443-8888 or

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